Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthmom Q&A - Canadian Birthmothers Answer Your Questions

Birthmothers from Canada answer your questions! Have you ever wanted to ask a birthmother a question or two? Here is your chance to ask a panel of Canadian birthmothers! Adoption Connections is pleased to offer you an environment where your questions for birthmothers are answered in an honest, caring manner.

While regularly answering questions I often stress that I am one birthmother and although there are commonalities all birthmom's do not think, feel and act alike. Therefore it is valuable to talk to a number of women who chose adoption for their child.

No matter what position you hold in the adoption triad or even if you are not a triad member, send your questions to or post them right here in response to this blog. Questions will be posted anonymously and answered by several birthmothers.

Our birthmothers are excited to answer your questions and help improve adoption education in Canada. We would like to lift the veil of mystery that surrounds birthmothers.

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