Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toronto Adoption

Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Toronto or anywhere in Canada? You're scared, confused and not sure what to do but you know you aren't ready to parent. Know that you have options.

There are so many misconceptions about adoption. Adoption is a viable option. Adoption is so different than it used to be. If you choose adoption, you can choose your child's adoptive parents. Should you choose an open adoption, you can build a relationship with your child and the adoptive parents you choose. You can see how your child is doing over the years.

Meet Enza & Pieter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Enza is a nurse who can't wait to be a stay at home mom. Pieter is a physician who looks forward to being a very involved father.

Here is an excerpt from their adoption profile:

We were married on September 22, 2002. We met one day working at an inner city hospital. Pieter was a third-year medical student and Enza was a registered nurse. We were immediately drawn to one another and became very good friends. We fell madly in love and the rest is history. We would both describe our marriage as sincere, strong and loving.

We would love to speak with you about the level of openness that feels right for you, and engage in ongoing conversation about the involvement that you and your family envision having with your child and with us. We believe it is important for your child to know you. We will always encourage an open and ongoing connection, whether it is with visits, photos, letters or telephone calls. Together we will share a precious gift, and we hope to establish a relationship that is based on respect, communication and our never ending commitment to you and yours. We are a forward thinking and easy going couple. We will be open to what your needs are and will honour them always.

Learn more about us by watching our adoption video or read our full profile letter.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook & Youtube

For all our adoption supporters in Canada or elsewhere, join Adoption Connections Fan page on Facebook. Or view our videos on Youtube. Help spread the word, that adoption can be a wonderful option for Canadians.

We'll leave you with a video.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year from Adoption Connections. We rounded out the year with a couple more adoption placements after matches on Adoption Connections.

Here is to 2010 being the year where many more adoption dreams come true.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Adoption in Ontario

Congratulations to Wendy and Brian who are the proud parents of a baby boy. Their son's birthmother found them on Adoption Connections. From Wendy & Brian, "We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present."

I am so happy for you, Brian and Wendy! Congratulations and enjoy every moment.

If you are considering adoption for your baby in Canada, visit our Adoptive Parent Registry to browse profiles of hopeful adoptive parents from Canada. You may find the perfect family for your baby.

If you are hoping to adopt a baby in Canada, Adoption Connections can help you find an adoption match. Why Adoption Connections? and How to Register.

Happy Holidays everyone. May all your dreams come true in 2010!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ontario, Canada Adoption Success

Congratulations to Kari Lynn & Jeff who are the proud parents of a baby girl, after a match on Adoption Connections! We are thrilled for you and happy to have taken part in your adoption success. Enjoy your daughter.

Kari Lynn and Jeff joined the Adoption Connections Ontario Parent Registry, in June, were contacted through Adoption Connections by their daughter's birth mother that same month and brought their baby girl home in October. November 3rd, Kari Lynn says, "We just had another birthmother contact us yesterday, from your website. Can't believe it - all at once."

Kari Lynn's comment to the second birthmother who contacted her through Adoption Connections, "Adoption Connections is a great website, and it is so nice to hear that you found us on it.

As luck would have it, Jeff and I are in the final stages of adopting a baby girl. The birthmother also found us on that website." - Kari Lynn

Another Adoption Connections success in only a few months, after no success being on a larger website for a year. Given Adoption Connections small Adoptive Parent Registry, couples have an opportunity to stand out from the others. You won't get lost in a large crowd when you register with Adoption Connections. Women considering adoption for their baby are not overwhelmed using our Parent Registry.

To find out how to join our Parent Registry of adoptive parents from Canada, visit our How to Register page.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthmom Q&A - Canadian Birthmothers Answer Your Questions

Birthmothers from Canada answer your questions! Have you ever wanted to ask a birthmother a question or two? Here is your chance to ask a panel of Canadian birthmothers! Adoption Connections is pleased to offer you an environment where your questions for birthmothers are answered in an honest, caring manner.

While regularly answering questions I often stress that I am one birthmother and although there are commonalities all birthmom's do not think, feel and act alike. Therefore it is valuable to talk to a number of women who chose adoption for their child.

No matter what position you hold in the adoption triad or even if you are not a triad member, send your questions to or post them right here in response to this blog. Questions will be posted anonymously and answered by several birthmothers.

Our birthmothers are excited to answer your questions and help improve adoption education in Canada. We would like to lift the veil of mystery that surrounds birthmothers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ontario to Open Adoption Records

On June 1, 2009, Ontario will become the fifth Canadian province to open adoption records. The other four provinces with open adoption records are British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Newfoundland.

Approximately 250,000 adoption orders have been filed in Ontario since 1921. Open records will allow adults who were adopted in Ontario to apply for copies of their adoption order and birth registration. Birth parents will also be able to apply for identifying information from these documents.

There has been a battle to open adoption records in Ontario for years. Open records has been a long time coming and means that adult adoptees will be able to learn their birth names as well as the names of their birth parents. Birth parents will be able to learn the name their child was given after their adoption.

Birth parents and adult adoptees whose adoption was finalized before September 1, 2008, can file a disclosure veto to prevent the release of identifying information. To date, only a very small percentage of adoptees or birth parents have filed a veto.

Should involved parties have a preference for how they are contacted, they may file a "notice of contact preference" providing the details of how they can be contacted. If an adopted adult or birthmother or birthfather do not wish to be contacted by the other party they may file a "no contact notice". Doing so would allow the release of the information but impose a fine on those who do make contact against the other parties wishes.

Adopted adults, birth parents, adult birth siblings and birth grandparents can apply to have their names placed on the Adoption Disclosure Register. Should there be a match between an adoptee and a birth relative, the matched individuals will be provided with the contact information that has been provided to the Register.

Visit to file a disclosure veto, a no contact notice, a notice of contact preference or to place your name on the Adoption Disclosure Register.